Industrial Applications

ProtoFlex offers application-specific packages to get your designs to reality – FAST

Explore our systems to deposit and process various thin films, for example, carbon, diamond films, metal films, graphene, nano-films, silicon nano-wires, epitaxial films of various materials using our PECVD, HWCVD, sputtering, evaporation small foot print R&D tools (FLEX1000, FLEX200).

Next generation electronics such as sensors, transmitters and manipulators are moving to lightweight, flexible formats. ProtoFlex can help you with key metal and silicon, III-V, II-VI thin film process technologies. Our roll to roll vertical web coaters (FLEX6000 - PECVD, HWCVD, sputtering) can meet your needs for thin film quality, process control, and yield.

Partner with ProtoFlex and get your PV Thin Film solar technology going! ProtoFlex offers tools and consulting for a wide range of photovoltaic technologies and materials (FLEX3000, FLEX5000, FLEX6000 - a-silicon, CdTe, CIGS, epitaxial Silicon, etc.)

Light, thin, flexible power that’s nearly endlessly rechargeable – that’s the promise of thin film battery technology. ProtoFlex provides complete engineering, design, and project management services (FLEX3000, FLEX5000, FLEX6000 - contacts, LiCoO2 Cathode, electrolyte LiPON, Lithium anode, passivation and encapsulation materials)