About Us

ProtoFlex is a Colorado-based supplier of Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) equipment technology solutions for thin film process tools that target clean energy and flexible electronics. Application based tools target photovoltaic, thin film battery, MEMS, Sensors, nano structures, portable media devices, smart cards, integrated medical devices and flexible substrate devices. Since 2001, we have been developing a broad product base to promote the advancement of these technologies from the laboratory to commercialization. Offering customized equipment, process materials, deposition source modules and vacuum components for research labs world-wide, our proprietary designs have distinct advantages over industry standards. ProtoFlex, unlike its competitors, proudly validate our systems by providing process recipes producing state-of-the-art thin films. ProtoFlex partners with developers of emerging thin film products to bring devices from prototype to pilot production and beyond.

Protoflex Founder
Pawan Bhat

Dr. Pawan Bhat is the founder of the Protoflex and currently serves as the President and Chief Technology Officer. Dr. Bhat has over 35 years of experience in thin film technology and business management. He is a recognized expert in thin film process and equipment technology. A skilled business manager, he has been instrumental in commercializing several technologies. Dr. Bhat has broad expertise in overcoming technology limitations in a production environment, while minimizing costs and maximizing quality. As a founder & president of MRG, Inc., Dr. Bhat manufactured & introduced many innovative thin film deposition equipment for photovoltaic industry and developed advanced thin film processing techniques. Dr. Bhat served as the Director of Technical Operations and also deployed the thin film battery pilot production facility at Infinite Power Solutions. His work spans applications such as thin film battery storage, renewable energy systems, optical storage materials and vacuum processing tools.