Optical Characterization Tools
Quantum Efficiency (QE) measurements provide a primary characterization method for completed photovoltaic devices. ProtoFlex’s QE measurement system provides electronics and software designed for fully automated measurement of external quantum efficiency of solar cells. All systems include probes and a fixed plate sample stage for samples up to 150 mm x 150 mm. The main system components include custom designed software, measurement electronics, and computer system.
Standard Features

  • Compact electronics/hardware
  • Two light sources, a halogen lamp and a Xenon lamp
  • 1/8-meter direct drive monochromator
  • Dual beam for intensity monitoring
  • Chopped monochromatic lock-in amplifier measurements
  • Automatic order sorting filters
  • Two calibrated reference detectors
  • Measurement accuracy ±2%
  • Computed Jsc vs AM1.5 global spectra

  • QEBASE, 300 -1100 nm
  • QEFLEX, 300 – 1800 nm

  • Filtered light bias
  • Voltage bias
  • Vacuum sample stage
  • Internal QE
  • Temperature stage