Multi Process-PECVD,HWCVD, Sputtering

Roll to Roll Vertical Web Coaters

Since 2006, ProtoFlex has developed and sold very unique vertical web coaters to developers of emerging thin film products . Our vertical sideways deposition configuration reduces particulate and dust on moving web. Our family of Roll to Roll Web Coaters includes web processing sizes from 200 mm to 500 mm in width and any of PECVD, HWCVD, and magnetron sputtering sources can be incorporated.
Standard features include:

  • Stainless steel 304/316 construction, Viton O rings
  • Stand alone, three process zones
  • Cooled/heated drum process capability
  • Base pressures < 1 x 10-6 Torr capability
  • Three gases module
  • Fixed inter-electrode distance
  • Ion and Pirani gauges
  • Two viewports
  • Turbo pump and mechanical pump package

Roll to Roll Vertical Web Coaters

FLEX6000- Roll to Roll Vertical Process Tool

module# Process Web width Temp Starting at Quote
PECVD Sputtering HWCVD 200 mm 500 mm RT 350°C 600°C EXW Add
FLEX61008-1-1 $264,000.00
FLEX61008-1-2 $324,000.00
FLEX61008-1-3 $384,000.00
FLEX61020-1-1 $384,000.00
FLEX61020-1-2 $454,000.00
FLEX61020-1-3 $496,000.00
FLEX62008-1-1 $264,000.00
FLEX62008-1-2 $324,000.00
FLEX62008-1-3 $384,000.00
FLEX62020-1-1 $384,000.00
FLEX62020-1-2 $454,000.00
FLEX62020-1-3 $496,000.00
FLEX63008-1-1 $264,000.00
FLEX63008-1-2 $324,000.00
FLEX63008-1-3 $384,000.00
FLEX63020-1-1 $384,000.00
FLEX63020-1-2 $454,000.00
FLEX63020-1-3 $496,000.00